Prom Venue

Temple High School prom info

The Centre at Arbor Connection is located less than a mile from Interstate 20, and less than a mile from Arbor Place mall, in the heart of Douglasville. Known far and wide as the best neutral-site prom venue west of Atlanta, we are happy to help make your prom the best one ever! If you are looking for a prom that is held somewhere besides your school gym or a random barn or warehouse, look no further than the simple sophistication of The Centre at Arbor Connection.

Love it or hate it, you simply can’t resist a heightened emotional response to the word “prom.” For so many years in American high school culture, the Prom has been perhaps the biggest single event in a high school class’s experience. For some, it’s bigger than graduation! Since 2000, more articles have been written on clever (or terrible) ways to ask someone to Prom than have been written about Georgia State Legislature. And that’s just the “asking!” Some high school girls spend more time buying Prom Dresses, or getting ready for Prom, than they will for their own Wedding one day.

So if the kids are putting all this time, effort, and angst into Prom-related activities, shouldn’t the actual Prom be amazing? How amazing would your high school prom be if you decided to hold your special, once-in-a-lifetime event at The Centre at Arbor Connection?

We are equipped with four amazing, flexible ballrooms, with the added features of being able to be combined with other ballrooms for even more space and flexibility. Our ballrooms have the capacity to hold events from 10 to 400 person meeting to a reception for 40 people to 400. Each ballroom is decorated with warm, natural colors that will accent any decor beautifully and easily. Each room is decorated with chandeliers, sconces and columns. You will also have access to our highly-acclaimed facility director. And we all know how important that is when you’re trying to facilitate the world’s greatest Prom memories!

The Centre @ Arbor Connection also has a wonderful in-house catering staff that can customize a menu to fit most budgets and themes. Our catering staff can also cater to any specific dietary need, just let us know. We have been catering special events, large and small, for well over 20 years. We look forward to helping you make your day the very best it can be.