Birthday Party Places

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In the days of your youth, birthday parties consisted of having all your screaming friends come over, hiring a clown, renting a pony, blowing up some balloons, opening a few presents, and throwing enough cheap sugar at your guests until their parents could no longer stand being in public with them. Then there were the times you had a public party at the local pizza dive, or roller rink, or some other place that basically replicated the aforementioned experiences. And sure, you may have loved all that sugary mayhem when you were a child. But now you’re all grown up. And you need something more.

Of all the local birthday party places or birthday venues in Metro Atlanta, one name has skyrocketed its reputation for elegance, class, flexibility, and willingness to accommodate: The Centre at Arbor Connection. We specialize in simple sophistication and Southern charm. Complete with world class facilities, ability to combine rooms and customize layouts and décor, The Centre is sure to make for an unforgettable birthday party place for your or your loved one.

Sure, bowling can be fun. And Restaurants are nice for special occasions (especially classy, gourmet restaurants like Sam & Rosco’s in Douglasville), but what if Dad is turning 50? Or what if Mom turns 40 this year? Or what if Grandma or Grandpa are celebrating a landmark birthday, and you want to celebrate their special day in classy style with all their friends and loved ones? A grown-up party needs a grown-up birthday party place. The perfect birthday venue for your big birthday bash, regardless of style, theme, or size, call The Centre at Arbor Connection.

Of course, all that is not to say The Centre isn’t a great birthday party place for younger birthday parties. In fact, we have an entire section dedicated to younger birthday parties and “coming of age” celebrations. We like all celebrations, big and small, young and old, wild or conservative, we love it all. We can’t wait to be your choice for the next big birthday on your calendar. And did we mention we cater as well? We probably should, because our cuisine, and our ownership, is the esteemed Sam and Rosco from Sam & Rosco’s in Douglasville, GA. We also have bar services, valet parking, and food services available upon request.

We also specialize in your special anniversary celebrations! So if your parents are celebrating their 25th, or your grandparents are celebrating their 50th, you know that The Centre at Arbor Connection is the perfect place to hold these special celebrations at. For all your birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration desires, please don’t waste another day, call The Centre at Arbor Connections today! We can’t wait to make your celebration unforgettable.